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Best Time to Perform Umrah

May 22, 2024

Choosing the right time for Umrah is crucial, balancing factors like weather, crowds, and cost to ensure a fulfilling pilgrimage to Makkah and Madinah.

Key Takeaways:

  • Best Time by Month: Ramadan for spiritual significance, Muharram and Safar for fewer crowds.
  • Best Time by Season: Spring and winter for comfortable weather, summer for cheap deals.
  • Best Timing for Rituals: After Fajr and Zuhr for fewer crowds, late night for tranquility.

Best Time to Perform Umrah in Makkah & Madinah

Knowing the best time to perform Umrah is paramount, as no two pilgrims will find the same time convenient for this sacred pilgrimage to the House of Allah. Some may find it challenging to go for Umrah during peak summer months, as the Saudi Arabian heat may be too intense. Meanwhile, others look for less-crowded times to perform Umrah, regardless of the weather or budget.

As such, the perfect time for performing Umrah will change depending on specific interests, conveniences, and preferences. But unlike Hajj, since Umrah can be performed year-round as many times as you want, picking a suitable time is key.

The following guide can help you determine the best time to go for Umrah, whether during quiet months with family and kids, cheapest travel seasons, or in peak Ramadan season, when you can mingle with fellow devout Muslims from around the world.

The Best Time for Umrah – Month, Weather, and Prices

While the entire Umrah time duration takes around 3 to 6 hours, going at the right month and season is crucial. Here's a look at vital factors to help you decide the perfect time to go for Umrah:

Umrah in Ramadan

For a majority of Muslims, the best time to go to Umrah is Ramadan, the holy month of fasting. Umrah during Ramadan carries significant rewards, and in some hadiths, it has been equated to Hajj. If you want abundant rewards and blessings for your devotion and pure intention, travel to Haram during Ramadan for Umrah. Experience the holy atmosphere in Makkah during this blessed month, with days of fasting followed by sacred nights of Taraweeh (special night prayers).

However, note that since Ramadan is a popular time for Umrah, there may be larger crowds at this time. Costs may be higher, too. To mitigate the travel costs, book your Umrah packages months ahead of time. To beat the crowds, pick the best time to do Umrah in Ramadan, such as the first 20 nights, which are generally calmer than the last 10 more intense, meaningful nights.

Best Months to Perform Umrah

Muharram and Safar

The months of Muharram and Safar are deemed highly auspicious to perform Umrah. These are considered grand months, following the Hajj season. Also, since Hajj is over for the year, the holy mosque is relatively empty, allowing pilgrims to perform Umrah rituals and make duas at their pace.

May to September

The months of May to September are typically very hot in Saudi Arabia, with temperatures peaking up to 45°C in August. Many pilgrims choose to avoid these months owing to the extreme heat, making it the least crowded time for Umrah. While the heat can be especially hard for young kids and elderly pilgrims to handle, others can book Umrah at this time for the cheapest deals. However, ample sun protection and hydration is a must.

October to March

In terms of favourable weather, the period of October to March is the best time to perform Umrah in Saudi Arabia. The relatively soothing daily temperatures average around 31°C in Makkah, while it fluctuates between 24°C and 25°C in Madinah.

Best Time to Go for Umrah Season-Wise

Spring (Mid-March to Mid-June)

Several Muslims choose to book Umrah during the spring as it’s neither scorching hot nor unbearably cold at this time. So, spring is among the best times to perform Umrah for pilgrims who wish to avoid extreme weather. As such, you will find the holy Makkah city buzzing with a sizable number of Umrah pilgrims between these months.

Summer (Mid-June to Mid-September)

These months witness relatively low pilgrim activity due to the harsh desert heat. Particularly, families with kids and elderly pilgrims avoid these months, as the intense Saudi Arabian heat can be unrelenting. On the flip side, fewer crowds often translate to more affordable Umrah deals, thanks to competitive pricing. If you can handle scorching temperatures and want super-cheap deals with fewer crowds, this is the best time for Umrah.

Autumn (October to November)

The chances of rain are less in autumn, and it can be quite humid in Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless, the temperatures are comfortable enough for pilgrims of all ages to perform Umrah anytime during the day. Many pick October to perform Umrah, as it boasts ideal weather and cheap prices.

Winter (December to February)

Outside of Ramadan, winter is considered the best time to perform Umrah by many. It welcomes pilgrims with warm, cosy weather, and relatively fewer tourist crowds. The pleasant daytime temperatures also make it ideal to enjoy organised tours, historical excursions, and Ziyarat visits to holy sites.

Best Time to Go to Umrah Price-Wise

When is the best time to perform Umrah cost-wise? Typically, the months of April and May are the cheapest times to go for Umrah, more so if they happen to be the grand months that fall after the Hajj season. September and December are also very cheap times for Umrah, with the bonus of fewer crowds.

You will have a wide selection of flights and hotels to choose from during all these months. If you book with a reliable agency, you may be able to grab excellent all inclusive Umrah packages at affordable prices.

Best Timing to Perform Umrah

While you can determine the best time to do Umrah month, season, and cost-wise, knowing the specific timing to perform the rituals is also key.


The less-crowded time to do Umrah is after Fajr prayer, as most pilgrims return to their hotels after the Fajr prayer. It offers the chance to complete Umrah rituals at one's own pace with fewer fellow pilgrims around.


Besides Fajr prayer, Zuhr is also a good time to perform Umrah, as generally most people return to their hotels for lunch. While there may be a rise in the temperature, the crowds will still be less. So, you can do the sacred Umrah rituals without worrying about vast throngs of pilgrims around you.

Asar, Maghrib, and Isha

The time of Asar, Maghrib, and Isha is relatively crowded, as many Muslims choose to stay back at the Haram. The weather is also pleasant, making it a good time to do Umrah without the intense Saudi Arabian heat.

Summing Up

Keep the above in mind to determine the best time to perform Umrah for you. While the Umrah rituals itself might not be very many and may not take much time, it's good to stay back in the blessed cities of Makkah and Madinah for a little longer. It lets you perform Ziyarat to as many holy Islamic sites as possible at your own pace.

May the Almighty Allah invite you to His House to perform Umrah, and may your pilgrimage be accepted!


What is the state of Ihram?

Ihram is a deeply sacred state that Umrah pilgrims enter before performing the pilgrimage. It involves cleansing rituals and wearing the prescribed clothing for Umrah.

What is the best timing for performing Umrah?

As per Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, the Minister of Hajj and Umrah, the best timing to perform Umrah is from 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM, and from 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM. According to him, the least-crowded days for Umrah are Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Can I do Umrah at night?

Yes, you can. The best time to do Umrah at night is between 11:30 PM and 2:00 AM, as per Dr. Tawfiq al-Rabiah, the Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah.

Can I sleep in Ihram before Umrah?

Yes, it is permissible for pilgrims to sleep in Ihram before performing Umrah. However, you cannot remove the Ihram clothing and wear regular clothes while still in the sacred Ihram state.

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