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Best Holiday Destinations for Halal Food

Feb 03, 2024

Experience the world's diverse cultures through halal cuisine at top Muslim holiday destinations, offering delectable dishes and unforgettable culinary adventures.

Key Takeaways:

  • Top Destinations: Egypt, Spain, UAE, Turkey, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Amsterdam.
  • Halal Cuisine: Each destination offers a variety of authentic and delicious halal food options.
  • Cultural Experience: Exploring these destinations allows for a rich culinary and cultural journey.

Travelling is not just about exploring new places; it's also about experiencing the rich tapestry of cultures through their authentic cuisine. For Muslim travellers, finding destinations that offer genuine and delicious halal food can be a top priority. From the aromatic spices of the Middle East to the tantalising flavours of Southeast Asia, there are numerous halal holiday destinations around the world that cater to the culinary preferences of Muslim travellers.

The informative article below will take you on an unforgettable and incredible gastronomic journey to discover the best holiday destinations for halal food, where you can savour mouthwatering dishes while adhering to your dietary requirements.

Top Muslim Holiday Destinations for Halal Food


Egypt, with its ancient history and stunning Red Sea coastlines, is among the most popular halal holiday destinations for Muslim travellers from the UK and worldwide. Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada are two renowned resort towns along the majestic Red Sea, offering an abundance of halal dining options. You can relish traditional Egyptian dishes like kebabs, falafel, koshari, and shawarma. Many restaurants and eateries in these areas proudly serve halal food, ensuring that Muslim travellers can indulge in the country's culinary delights with confidence.


Spain may not be the first place that comes to mind for halal food, but cities like Valencia and Seville are drastically changing that perception. These vibrant Spanish cities are home to a growing number of halal restaurants and eateries. You can savour delectable and renowned local dishes like paella made with halal chicken or seafood, tapas, and Moroccan-influenced delicacies. The blend of Spanish and Islamic flavours creates a unique and unforgettable culinary experience, making the region one the top Muslim holiday destinations worldwide.


The United Arab Emirates, including famous cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, is renowned for its extravagant dining scene. While the UAE offers cuisine from around the world, it excels in serving authentic halal food. Muslim travellers can relish dishes from various cultures, including Emirati, Lebanese, Indian, and Pakistani. From luxurious fine-dining establishments overlooking the skyline to bustling food markets and local eateries that showcase the flavours of the world, the UAE is a halal gastronomic haven that leaves no culinary desire unfulfilled.


In addition to its rich history, Turkey is a treasure trove of delicious halal cuisine, and regions like Dalaman and Antalya on the Turkish Riviera are prime examples of this. Turkish cuisine, with its kebabs, baklava, and mezes, is a delight for Muslim travellers. Many restaurants in these areas proudly display halal certificates and cater specifically to Muslim dietary preferences. The aroma of freshly baked bread and the sizzle of skewers on open grills fill the air, inviting you to savor the country's rich culinary traditions. Don't forget to try the famous Turkish breakfast with simit (sesame-crusted bread rings) and various cheeses when visiting Turkey, one of the most amazing Muslim holiday destinations ever.


Morocco is a dream destination for travellers seeking halal culinary experiences. Agadir, with its beautiful beaches, and Marrakech, with its bustling markets and historic sites, offer an array of halal dining options. Savour aromatic tagines, couscous, pastilla, and mint tea in restaurants that meticulously adhere to halal standards. Exploring the bustling medinas and lively souks is not just a shopping expedition but a culinary expedition, as you sample street food delights like freshly baked msemen and mouthwatering kebabs. Morocco is truly one of the best halal holiday destinations you’ll ever come across.

Saudi Arabia

Many already know that Saudi Arabia is home to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, making it a pivotal destination for Muslims to visit at least once in their lifetime. However, some travellers remain unaware that it also offers an unparalleled halal dining experience. The country's cuisine is deeply rooted in tradition, with dishes like mandi, kabsa, and mutabbaq. Saudi restaurants strictly adhere to halal guidelines, and you can enjoy sumptuous meals while immersing yourself in the rich Saudi culture and hospitality.


Inarguably among the best Muslim holiday destinations, Malaysia is a gastronomic paradise for Muslim travellers, offering a diverse range of delectable halal dishes. Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Langkawi are just a few of the many destinations where you can relish authentic Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Arabic cuisine. Whether you're enjoying a plate of fragrant nasi lemak, indulging in the flaky layers of roti canai, savouring skewered satay, or relishing the rich and spicy rendang, Malaysia's halal food scene is a feast for the senses. You can get these at local street stalls at affordable prices or dine in upscale halal-certified restaurants. Therefore, from humble street stalls offering local delicacies to upscale halal-certified restaurants with breathtaking views, Malaysia ensures that Muslim travellers can embark on a gastronomic journey that's as diverse as its culture.


Amsterdam is the picturesque capital of the Netherlands and may not be an obvious choice for halal food, but it has a growing selection of halal-friendly establishments. These developments have made it one of the top halal holiday destinations. From Turkish and Moroccan eateries to international restaurants, Amsterdam offers a diverse range of irresistible halal options. Additionally, international restaurants in Amsterdam often provide clearly marked halal options on their menus, ensuring that visitors can savour a variety of dishes while exploring the city's picturesque streets and historic neighbourhoods. Be sure to try Dutch specialties like poffertjes (mini pancakes) and stroopwafels while exploring this charming city.

To Sum Up

For Muslim travellers who are passionate about culinary exploration, the world is full of delightful destinations that cater to your dietary requirements. Whether you're craving the exotic flavours of the Middle East, the spices of Southeast Asia, or the fusion cuisine of Europe, there are numerous Muslim holiday destinations that offer authentic halal food experiences.

From the bustling streets of Morocco to the modern metropolises of the UAE, these destinations not only satisfy your taste buds but also provide a cultural journey through the world of halal cuisine. Therefore, waste no more time to pack your bags and embark on an incredible gastronomic adventure to discover the best halal food the world has to offer.

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